Sausome Updates and Reminders 6-5-16

The schedule will be posted as soon as it is ready, which will be before the convention.


We will be selling Single Day badges at the door for the following rates:
Friday – $30
Saturday – $35
Sunday – $25

At door full weekend badges will be $50.

If you purchase a single day badge and wish to upgrade to a weekend, we will add what you have paid for your single day badge and deduct that from the total for at door weekend.


If you wish to be in our cosplay contest, it is encouraged to check out our Cosplay page for rules and other information.

The application form for our cosplay contest can be found by clicking here!

There is a limit to how many cosplayers can be in our contest this year. By filling out the form, you place yourself ahead of those that will be applying at the convention!

Any cosplay contest questions should be addressed to


Wish to go to Sausomecon but low on funds? Wish to make some or all of the money back that was used to purchase your badge or earn extra badges for next year?

Volunteering is the way to go!

For 8 hours volunteered for, you get 1 badge for 2017 OR half of your badge funds returned.

For 12 hours, you get 2 badges for 2017 OR your full badge reimbursement.

The volunteering form is located by clicking here
Any volunteering questions should be addressed to


Want to win a free weekend badge before Sausomecon? Check out the two following links for more information for two different ways to potentially win a badge!

Facebook Free Badge Contest Info Link 1

Facebook Free Badge Contest Info Link 2


We hope to see everyone in 5 days!


Sausome News 6-1-16

Sausome News 6-1-16
9 days till Sausomecon 2016!


We have done some major updates to our Programming page on the website!


We are not finished with adding all of the programming or having the schedule 100% finished.

Once our schedule is completed with our final versions, we will upload it online for everyone to check out and download.


If you wish to be a vendor, we still have some availability due to some applicants not responding back to us! Most of the booths that are left available or single booth locations, though we do have a couple of booth locations left that are next to each other if you are interested in purchasing two booths.

Please fill out the form linked below OR email me at

Vendor Application Form


Late Pre-reg ends June 7th. Do get your badges before the price increases at the door pricing!


One question I have been receiving a lot is “If I buy a badge for my child, do I need to buy a badge as well?”. The answer is Yes.

It states in our youth badges that all individuals under the age of 16 MUST be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.


Until next time, stay sausome!


Hotel Reservations End May 20th

Here is a reminder that hotel reservations end in 5 days!

Reserve your hotel room by going to the Holiday Inn by clicking here or copying and pasting this link into your browser:

The promo code is SAA.

The price before fees are $94 a night for a king bed and $104 for 2 Queen beds.

By reserving a room, you gain access to our Convention Suite room which will have some snacks and drinks available but only for those that reserve a hotel room and VIP’s!


Sausome News 3-18-16

Sausome News 3/18/2016
There is a lot of information here, so do check it all out!
I will be messaging the 5 winners of the 1k likes milestone! If they do not respond back within a reasonable amount of time, we will find a different random liker of our page to give it to.
Thank you all for liking our page and convention.
Special Guest announcements Wave 4
Straight Outta Comicon will be joining us this year! They could not make it last year due to some issues that arose but they are definitely going to be making it this year and there will be a Roasting of Mario for sure!
Team 151 will be premiering their improved Pokemon first generation panel! The theatrics, the sausome videos, this is one panel to be sure to check out!
We have one to two more potential guests to announce still, so do stay tuned for more information.
Our game room this year is being ran by DoDeca Gaming of DoDecacon!
I have extended the early bird pricing and lowered group rate pricing to $32 per person, though it still requires 6 or more people to register for group rates.
The website has been greatly revamped with information but it is not completely done yet. I will have it up to date with everything after returning back from Anime Boston.
Don’t forget to check out our table at Kawa Kon this weekend! I will be hosting 5 panels this weekend as well!
Some friends of ours are getting together to form a Supernatural Convention in Kansas City but they need your support! If you are interested in such an event, please go to and sign the petition.