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(+18) Panels will require the con-attendee to be at least 18 years of age and to show an I.D. at the door before entering an event, as well as their 2016 Sausomecon badge.

All other panels are intended to be kept at a PG13 rating.


Abnormally Unsound & Bloody (18+) – Nóirín Snow and Legendary Rose Cosplay

Are you a fan of horror or the estranged possibly Psychopathic? Or a fan of just some of the weirdest funny characters out there? Then come learn about some of the more abnormal characters, and some of the best horror and psychological anime out there!

A Brief History of the Vocaloid Phenomenon (Senpai Series 04) – Mark (Senpai) Morrissey

Finally! A panel that explains the origins of the overwhelming culture dynasty that is Vocaloid…without overwhelming you. We’ll discuss where Miku, Luka, Rin, Len and other favorites you know and love came from. When did they first appear? What really is that thing that Miku is holding? Are the twins really “twins”? All this, and more, will be explained so that new fans can understand and older fans will still enjoy.

American Made Anime – Boone Jordan

American Made Anime is about the future of the anime world. American Made Anime is about the idea that anime should become an American institution and industry. American Made Anime is about the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in the anime world.

Anime, Comics and the Effects They Have On Cosplay – Black Crow’s Cosplay

The effects that movies, comic books, and anime have on the cosplay world.

Animegao Kigurumi: The World of 2.5D Cosplay – Caitlyn, Rye, Gene, Heather

Kigurumi means more than just Disguise Pajamas! Come find out the answers to those questions the performers are normally far too silent to answer! How do they see? What is that mask made of? How can I start? Find out the answers to these and more!

Anime on Stage! – Sarah Mudry

Love Theater? Love Anime? We’ve got the panel for you! Join the discussion and immerse yourself in the world of theatrical anime in Anime on Stage! From “Sailor Moon” to “Death Note,” “Prince of Tennis” to “Naruto,” from stage shows to musicals! Come and see clips of your favorite shows performed by live actors!

Anime Openings: Expectation vs Reality – Sara Strobbe

Sometimes anime openings aren’t the best representation of the anime. The darkest anime could have the most upbeat opening. The silliest anime can have something hardcore. Can you guess an animes’ plot based on its opening?

Anime Scene It – Stephanie Crawford

Can you name that anime just off an opening song? How about a zoomed in eye catch? Come test your anime knowledge with over a hundred animes. Have you Scene It?

Armor Smithing 101 – Twisting-Dragon Cosplay

Beginner’s guide to making armor for cosplay

Ask A Nation – Danielle Dufty

Ever wondered how far America’s love of burgers goes? Ever wondered if Hungary has some secrets to tell the world? Have you ever wondered how many countries have become one with Russia? Well get ready to meet with all your favorite Hetalia characters and get answers to all the questions you’ve been dying to ask!

Bad Fanfic Reading with Jiraiya (+18) – Happy Sephy

It’s no secret that the “Pervy Sage” has written some bad erotic fanfiction in the “Naruto” universe.  Now join Jiraiya as he reads some of the weirder, lewder, and more perverted fanfiction known on the internet. Not for anyone under 18.

Captives Web-series – Baron Redman, Andy Penn, Bill Butts, Cameron Cox, Sarah Mcquire, Shea Ketchum, Colby Craig

A epic, cinematic web-series about a group of people who find themselves the target of a serial killer who supposedly died 16 years ago.

CCP’s Ask Marvel Avengers & Enemies – Chimerical Cosplay Productions

Chimerical Cosplay Productions brings together some of Marvel’s finest to answer questions from fans and fellow heroes and villains alike…if they don’t try to destroy one another first.

Con-going 101 (Senpai Series 00) – Mark (Senpai) Morrissey

Is this your first convention? Are you nervous? Unsure of what to do? Don’t be. Come on by and learn some very important things about attending a convention (big or small) that will help you feel right at home. We’ll discuss simple rules and codes of conduct, shopping, and lots more to put your mind a ease and help you enjoy your weekend here at Sausomecon.

Cosplay Combat – Happy Sephy

It’s the age old question… Which cosplayer is luckier with a 20-sided die? Find out in TWO separate sessions of the popular panel known as Cosplay Combat! It’s cosplayer vs. cosplayer as Happy Sephy and friends bring out the dice for another great sessions of Cosplay Combat!  Come join us for fun, excitement, and possibly prizes!

Crossplay, Gender Swapping and Androgyny 101 – Twisting Dragon Cosplay

The basics of crossplay, rule 63 cosplay and androgyny of the character.

Crossplay, Gender Swapping and Androgyny 201 – Twisting Dragon Cosplay

Advance techniques of crossplay, gender swapping and androgyny for cosplay.

Down the Slippery Slope: An Introduction to Anime Figure Collecting – Robert Schiele

Have you been eyeing those anime figurines at the Exhibit Hall booth? Are you interested in learning more about figure collecting and how to start or expand your own collection? This panel will discuss the basics of this growing hobby to help get you started, including a rundown of the different types of figures, where and how to buy them, what to do with your figures once you have them, and, perhaps most importantly, why anyone would even want to spend money on these little chunks of cartoon-shaped plastic.

Fairy Tail Q&A – Annabelle Morris, Camii Dowels, Melanie McDonald, Anthony Reza-Hazelton, Matthew Sandoval

Come join Team Natsu and friends for a Q and A panel where we will discuss Fairy Tail, play games, and win prizes!

FAN-tastic Friday – Legendary Rose Cosplay

Have you became such a fan that you created your own Oc, fan fic or roleplay based off that show, game or movie? This includes my furry friends out there to! Now is the perfect time to show off your dedication to the fandom! Stop by our panel to show off your work or discus how to create your own addition to the fandom.

Giant Robot Anime Through The Ages – Robert Schiele

Mecha is one of the oldest and most recognizable genres of anime, but how did it get started, and how did it become what it is today? Find out in this informative panel, using illustrative video clips and historical context to trace the evolution of over five decades of giant robot anime!

Heroic Interactive Theatre Presents: IRON Colonial Expansion Application

Distant far off worlds to discover, new lands, and plenty of adventure! The Imperial Resettlement Organizational Network is ready for you! Build your world up from the ground again, become the person you dreamed to be! Application processing starts on June, 11th. Don’t forget to carry light, and have your passport ready.

Heroic Interactive Theatre Presents: Tales of Tacare

Enter the stage of “Wyrm’s Rest,” as veteran players, and villains share with you the experience about fantastic monsters in this magical new world.

Homestuck Etiquette – Beck Hubbard

We will be discussing: proper behavior for photo-shoots, how to handle grey paint, sealers, making versus purchasing cosplays, how to treat other Homestucks, how to treat other fandoms, and best of all, how to treat con/hotel staff and surroundings.

Japanese Cooking Basics: Tamagoyaki – Samantha

Join your host with a little taste of home basics featuring the tamago. This abridged cooking class will give you a live showing of how to make tamagoyaki, a popular egg dish used in bentos.

Intro to Cosplay – Legendary Rose Cosplay

Introduction to putting together the best cosplay whether it be store bought or hand made. Followed with a few tips on how to get the best photos of your cosplay.

Intro to Cosplay Props and Armor – Legendary Rose Cosplay

Introduction on how to make good, easy and cheap cosplay props and armor.

It All Started with a Mouse… – Chrystelle Ashmore

Take a trip into the magical world of Disney, and learn things you never knew, you never knew. From Mickey Mouse to Inside Out, Disney has enchanted the hearts of millions. Come learn about the man who started it all, and test your knowledge during a Disney Trivia game!

Kawaii-desu-wha? Introduction to Anime / Otaku Terminology (Senpai Series 01) – Mark (Senpai) Morrissey

Are you new to the anime scene? Are you confused when someone asks to “glomp” you? Do you wonder what the difference is between “Shoujo” and “Shonen” is? Well wonder no more. We’ll discuss all the relevant (and some irrelevant) terms used in today’s Otaku culture. Newbies and parents very welcome.

K is for Kawaii – Darling Duchess

A window into kawaii fashion, lifestyle and the like. Q&A at the end!

K-Pop Random Play Dance! – Jewelry Aphayarath and Emma Fotovich

Are you K-Pop trash? Are you looking for more people like you? Do you know K-Pop dances (or at least choruses)? Then this is the panel for you! In this panel we will be playing a game of Random Play Dance. This game involves playing recent or popular K-Pop songs and having the crowd join in to dance along to the choruses. Even if you don’t know the dances, join us for some K-Pop themed fun!

K-pop and You! – Suji

Love k-pop? No matter if you’re old or new to the k-pop scene, come join us and have some fun! We’ll discuss our favorite groups and play games like Name That Tune and K-pop Musical chairs- prizes for each included!

Kingdom Hearts: The Key to the Future – Melanie McDonald, Anthony Reza-Hazelton and Camii Dowels

Join your favorite Kingdom Hearts characters to discuss and theorize what the future holds for Kingdom Hearts!

Laws of Anime (+18) – Garrett Boyle

Impractical weapons, nosebleeds, and ultimate, final transformations. Anime often gets crazy, and we are here to poke fun all the fun tropes that make anime both ridiculous and amazing.

Leather Working in Cosplay – Danielle Roberds

Leather crafting for the modern cosplayer. We will discuss leather and how to use it in your costumes.

The Legend of Zelda History and Lore – Garrett Boyle

It’s dangerous to go alone! Attend this! Come to this panel to learn about the mysteries of The Legend of Zelda series. Find out what you never knew about the Triforce, Hyrule, and much more.

Lip Sync Battle – Chrystelle, Eleanor and Danielle

Can’t sing? You don’t have to! Join this rambunctious trio in their epic battle of lip syncing-ness. Because 10 O’Clock in the morning, is the best time to not sing.

Live Action Role Play 101 – Devon Kennedy, Heroic Interactive Theatre and Amtgard

Come actors, jocks, and gamers! Learn how to LARP! This panel will go over the how to’s of Live Action Role Playing, plus different types of games and events available around the U.S.

Live Cosplay Drawing – Kalee Trimble, Lisa Crawford

Want a chance to draw some of those lovely cosplays or fantastic costumes you have seen so far? Come bring your sketchbook and utensil of choice or we will have some to share.

The Mad Hatter’s Educational Tea Time – Suji

Down the rabbit hole we go! Join us at this Alice in Wonderland themed tea party where the Mad Hatter will discuss with you the main points of loose leaf tea from brewing to equipment as well as discussing and tasting all different kinds of tea and their benefits! We will also be playing table games and serving small, homemade treats! Guests will be able to buy their tea cup and saucer after the event as well! *This event is limited, first come first serve.

Mediocre Artist: Drawing Circles – The Mediocre Artist

Bring your sketch books and come draw with the Mediocre Artist! Silly and creative characters, absurd ideas and new friends are to be discovered in this drawing circle. *Don’t forget your sketchbook!

Monster Girls and more with the Succubabes! (+18) – The Succubabes

Join the Succubabes for an overview of the best ecchi trend ever: Monster Girls!  We will discuss and share media on the mythological origins, archetypes and cultural influences of monstrous babes

The Otaku Guide to Yokai Fighting (+18) – Stephanie Crawford

Ever wonder what it would be like to be a star of a horror anime. We’ll cover everything from how to summon a ghost with a paper doll to basic spiritual self defense. As well as popular yokai and how to fight them.

Rewriting Mythology: An Introduction to Monster Girls – Seagr33nowl

Welcome to the wonderful world of Monsterfolk! Half-human monsters that seem to be exploding everywhere recently due to success of “Everyday Life with Monster Girls”. At this panel, you can learn about the history and mythology behind your favorite types of monsters, as well as other media centered around these weird and wonderful beasts as explained by self-proclaimed “monmusutologist” and manga artist, Seagr33nowl.

RWBY Madness Part 1; Colors of Remnant – Nóirín Snow, Legendary Rose Cosplay, The Rabbitier Cosplay, and Scott Shadwell

An introduction to RWBY! If you’ve never seen it, come here to learn about it. Fans of RWBY come to learn some things you may not have known. We will talk about the different weapons and fighting styles as well as showcase some of the characters, and have everyone take part in the best moment of the series, A Food Fight! (with props though).

This Panel is strictly Volumes 1 and 2 only, no Volume 3 talks here!

RWBY Madness Part 2; Uncensored Fun! (18+) – Nóirín Snow, Legendary Rose Cosplay, The Rabbitier Cosplay, and Scott Shadwell

Volume 3 Discussions, Reactions and All the fun of some suggestive talks, banter and Trivia with the panelists. All Spoilers inbound and not for the young hunters and huntresses!

Sew You Want to Cosplay – Chibi Sensei

If you’ve ever been intimidated by sewing, then here’s your cure! Come and learn the basics of sewing at this beginner’s workshop panel. We’ll be covering everything, from reading patterns to actually getting on a sewing machine and sewing. Come and have some fun!

Storytime Presents: Heroic Interactive Theatre

Join this group of actors from Heroic Interactive Theatre, in a hilarious discussion of LARP characters and crazy adventures. All to be narrated by in the style of Storytime’s bad drawings and digital sketches.

Storytime: Game of Clones – Eleanor and Danielle

Don’t want to go to the cosplay contest? We don’t either. Come join us in this fantasy-filled coloring time. Telling stories of great kingdoms and moons alike. That’s no throne.

Super High School Level Panel – Danielle Dufty

Monokuma and Junko are at it again, this time at an anime convention! Come join the students of Hope’s Peak Academy as they chat, answer questions, and have a fun time with everyone! Hopefully there won’t be any murders happening this time around…

Swimming Boys Meet and Greet – Danielle Dufty

Ever wondered what the hot, muscular guys from the Iwatobi Swim Club are thinking? Ever wondered if there are any hidden feelings to some of the boys? Ever wondered how far Haru’s love of water goes? Well, come visit the boys from Iwatobi, Gou included, as well as Samezuka and see what questions of yours they can answer!

Sword Art Offline – Melanie McDonald, Camii Dowels, and Anthony Reza-Hazelton

Join Kirito, Asuna, and Yui for a Q and A and discussion of what’s to come for the future of SAO!

Tales of Panel! – Miko and Zero

Calling all Tales Of fans! Are you ready to discuss all the games, favorite moments, and characters? We’ll explain and talk about the Tales of Series and try to introduce those new to the series!

Tatakae! Robot Panel Z – Robert Schiele

Is there anything that truly touches the human spirit in all of us quite like giant robots? Come to this panel and find out what it is that makes giant robot anime so awesome: the physics-defying designs, the hot blooded pilots, the cheesy theme songs, and more!

Team RWBY Variety Panel – Team RWBY

Did Volume 3 of RWBY leave you emotionally wrecked? Well, us too! Come see all of your favorite RWBY characters in a variety show and Q&A panel that’s sure to get rid of the hiatus blues! Join us for nonstop fun, with segments like Yang’s pun corner, Ren’s cooking show, RWBY charades, finish-the-lyric (to your favorite RWBY songs of course), a Q&A portion with teams RWBY, JNPR, and Sun Wukong and more! The future heroes of Remnant cannot wait to see you all there. This will be the panel we’ve waited for!

Teraflex and You – Danielle Roberds

Learn how to make epic costumes and cosplay pieces with friendly easy to use thermoplastic  teraflex. The alternative to worbla, this awesome material can be used to make almost any piece.

Those WACKY Japanese Commercials – Jappy Sephy

Advertisers are always looking for unique ways to get you to buy products, but the Japanese always have the most Weird ways to advertise.  Join Happy Sephy as he shows his HUGE collection of funny, strange, and just unique commercials from “The Land of the Rising Sun.”

Waifu Roasting 101 (+18) – Vincent Cona, Garrett Boyle, Sara Strobbe, Jonathon Stelzer

Waifus: Characters you love so much, you aren’t ashamed to be a little creepy about it. Well, this panel is all about you sharing your waifus….and we’ll verbally tear them to shreds. Yes, this is your opportunity to have your faves roasted to no end by complete strangers. Come laugh, come cry (please don’t), come nerd rage over people being haters. Will we find a truly flawless waifu? Only one way to find out…..

Disclaimer: This is all in good fun. We aren’t trying to hurt anyone’s feelings or put anyone down, it is just a fun thing where we can all laugh at our favorite characters.

Watch This – Legendary Rose Cosplay

Need a new anime to watch? Come chat with others and watch some anime trailers!

Week(end)ly Idol! – Aiden and Patci V.

Are you a fan of K-Variety shows? Love the silly antics that your favorite Kpop artists get into on behalf of our favorite MCs? Come on over and join us for fun games that your idols partake in and win prizes!

Yu Yu Hakusho 10-Year Reunion – EBA

EBA presents the reunion that you have been waiting to see for a decade! Come find out how Yusuke Urameshi and the gang have been doing and what they have been up to for so many years.