Marcus M. Mauldin

March 8, 2020 sausome01 0

Marcus M. Mauldin is a professional actor who is known for a lot of things! Marcus started his acting career in live theater, winning awards […]

Bill Butts

March 8, 2020 sausome01 0

Bill is an American film and voice over actor from Annapolis, Maryland. Making his start in modeling, his career path eventually brought him to commercials, […]

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Sausome News 2-24-2020

February 24, 2020 sausome01 0

Sausome News February 24, 2020 1. 2 Special Guest Announcements! Bill Butts, a local legend, will be returning as a guest to Sausomecon! Marcus M […]

Daman Mills

January 10, 2020 sausome01 0

Daman Mills is a voice actor based in Dallas, TX. He lends his voice to a variety of anime and video games, all while fueled […]

Brad Jackson

January 10, 2020 sausome01 0

Brad Jackson is best known to Anime fans as the voice of Oolong the Pig in the Dragon Ball universe. He began working with FUNimation […]

Jim Foronda

January 10, 2020 sausome01 0

Jim Foronda is a Texas-based voice actor, freelance ad copywriter, and cyborg. In 2001, Jim was writing commercials for Hasbro Toys when a budget miscalculation […]

Barry Yandell

January 9, 2020 sausome01 0

Nominated for Best Supporting Actor by BTVA for his iconic role as William T. Spears in Black Butler, Barry Yandell is a well-known and very […]

Marissa Lenti

January 9, 2020 sausome01 0

“Marissa Lenti is a voice actress who you can hear in anime roles like Cocotte in Dragon Ball Super, Libra in Fairy Tail, Gray Wolf […]

Amber Lee Connors

January 9, 2020 sausome01 0

Amber Lee Connors is a professional voice actress for anime and video games. Her anime credits include Keijo!!!!!!!!(Nozomi Kaminashi); My Hero Academia(Ms. Joke); Fairy Tail […]