We embrace and love all cosplayers! And the best way to showcase your skill and talent – the SAUSOMECON COSPLAY CONTEST!!!
In the spirit of fairness and equality, for fun and safety, too, here are the rules/regs that every participant must know:

First, the boring things:
1) All entries into the contest must be registered members of the convention.
2) Under 16 years of age entries MUST be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
3) The convention rules, and those of the venue and host hotel – follow them to the letter!
4) Cosplay Director reserves the right to disqualify or remove any entry for violations, or other conduct deemed inappropriate.
5) Contest staff is there to assist participants before, during and after the show. Also, see that things run smoothly and safely. Listen and heed their words!
6) Sausomecon is a family event. No cosplay that reveals too much will be permitted to compete. Performances that suggest/portray activities better left to adult oriented gatherings will be immediately disqualified.
7) Have a question? A concern? A complaint, even? Bring it to the attention of Contest staff, or the Director. We are the folks that can solve problems, find solutions, not social media.

Now, Important Items:
8) The limit for contestant entries is 60.
9) Registration:
Online: Please fill out ALL the boxes in the online registration form. You should receive a response within 3 days that includes confirmation of entry and your assigned contest number.
Upon arrival at the convention – CHECK IN WITH THE CONTEST STAFF – to pick up your ribbon and contestant number, and sign-up for tech rehearsal and craftsmanship judging times. (Please see #23 below for more details)

At the Convention: Registration will be open on Friday from 4 – 9 PM, and on Saturday 10 – Noon. At that time you will receive your ribbon, contestant number, and sign-up for tech rehearsals and craftsmanship judging times. (Please see #23 below for more details)
10) Tech rehearsals are mandatory, so don’t miss your scheduled slot, it may result in disqualification.
11) If you have special music for your cosplay performance, please indicate this on your registration form and bring the track on a CD or flash drive (WAV or MP3 files only! Having it somewhere on your phone/laptop/tablet is not going to work) to your tech rehearsal. Before leaving the convention, please remember to pick up your materials from Con Ops.
12) If you are in need of assistance to and from the stage, or require other special accommodations during the show, or craftsmanship judging, the time to coordinate with the contest staff is at your tech rehearsals.
13) If you are standing for craftsmanship judging, please be on time! Show up a little early, even, as this will aid in the smooth transition from one contestant to another.
14) Green Room – only those with ribbons will be allowed entry. On each chair will be a numbered envelope, find yours, and sit. Once contest staff has checked you in, make sure to visit our photographer, then feel free to walk about and socialize. Leaving the green room is acceptable, but if you are not present when line-up begins, your place in the contest is forfeit.
15) All cosplay must be completed prior to Green Room entry. Dressing and/or assembling a large cosplay for performance is permitted, as are minor repairs, however, no materials to do so will be available.
16) During the show, contest staff will direct you to and from the stage. After your performance, please remain in the Green Room until the show ends. During the judge’s deliberation time, that’s when entering the audience is permitted.
17) After the presentation of awards, there are often many photographers wishing to take pictures of all the wonderful cosplayers. So, sticking around to meet/greet all your new fans can be thrilling. Participation in this photo call is, of course, voluntary.
18) No live steel on stage! Period. If a weapon is a part of your cosplay it must be handled appropriately at all times. No bashing the other contestants, please.
19) No live microphones will be available for the show. If your performance requires the spoken word, it must be recorded, and provided to the contest staff during tech rehearsal.
20) Audiences love surprises! Contest staff does not. So, don’t bring any to the stage. What we approved during tech rehearsal is what we should see during the performance.
21) Glitter is great! As are feathers and ribbons and sequins and other shiny, oft times pointy, things. They belong on your cosplay, not the stage (or Green Room floor) Make sure all your cosplay elements are secure.
22) Let’s ensure a fun and fantastic experience for all by tempering our behavior, holding our tongues, and thinking of others first.

And finally…the good stuff!

23) Skill Levels:
Beginner: shows a general understanding of sewing technique and design, first cosplay/competition or no level awards, must have constructed at least 50% of costume
Intermediate: solid construction and expanded technique, several cosplays/competitions, received a Beginner level award, must have constructed at least 75% of costume
Master: impeccable construction and technique, high knowledge of shape and design, multiple cosplays/competitions, received an Intermediate level award, must have constructed at least 90% of costume

24) Documentation: HIGHLY recommended for Beginner and Intermediate, and REQUIRED for the Master level. Reference pictures, progress pictures, designs, fabrics, etc. presented in a format that is easy to read and may be retained by the judges for further study during deliberation. Please don’t assume our judges will recognize who/what you’re cosplaying, and any help given is much appreciated.
25) Craftsmanship is open to those that have constructed their costume, or modified purchased pieces in such a way that they are now unique. Purchased or commissioned costumes are NOT eligible to be judged or awarded for craftsmanship. However, they are for the Performance awards.
26) Should our judges deem your level to be incorrect, they are permitted to move you to a more appropriate one. Please note: you may be moved up, but never down.
27) In the case of more than one cosplayer as entry, the highest skill level represented in the group must be the chosen competition level.
28) If you are modeling a cosplay constructed by another, the costumer must be present at judging to be eligible for an award.
29) Craftsmanship judging times are on a first come/first serve basis. So come early to get the choice spots!
30) You will have approximately 5 minutes with the craftsmanship judges. Think about how to best present your creation, know your process, answer the judge’s questions succinctly, and above all else, remember to breathe!
31) For groups of more than 3, craftsmanship judging time will be 7 minutes.
32) Judge’s critique sheets, for craftsmanship and performance, will be available for pick-up on Sunday.
33) The decisions of the judges are final. No whining, please!

Judge’s Choice and Discretionary Awards (for cosplayers that deserve special recognition)
First and Second in every skill level
Performance: Judge’s Choice and Discretionary Awards: (for cosplayers that deserve special recognition)
First and Second in every skill level
Best in Show (a combination of Craftsmanship and Performance)

For issues not covered in this rambling numerical list, please contact the Cosplay Director at: