Honor Lychee – Cosplayer

Combining her two favorite things, cosplay and lychees, Honor Lychee finally branched out into the cosplay scene she long admired in 2011, premiering her first cosplay at her first convention: Tokyo in Tulsa. Just a year later, she began hosting panels, and now she frequents conventions performing her popular and sponsored panels.
More recently, Honor Lychee has been featured as a cosplay judge and guest, started hosting workshops, enjoyed the more refined life as a member of Lolita Fashion, and spends her time strengthening the community with her involvement in Cosplay Celebration and the creation of Students of Cosplay. If you’d like to keep up with her projects and shenanigans, feel free to like her Facebook page (www.facebook.com/honorlychee1), follow her on Instagram (@Honorlychee), or visit her at www.honorlychee.com.
She’s so excited to see what talent Sausomecon brings!