Jacob Bond 2017

Jacob “J.M” Bond has worn many hats over the years. Growing up in a family of professional clowns, from a young age he has always had an interest in entertaining people. Working at a public library he found opportunities to hone his skills, entertaining children as a storyteller for the past seven years and becoming a puppeteer & builder for the last five. In those five years he learned to design and create original patterns for puppets of various sizes and types, ranging from dragons to aliens and many more. Earlier this year he debuted his latest creation and challenge, an eight foot long wearable Yoshi puppet / costume, in the halls of Naka-Kon.

His true love, however, is comics. Beginning with a collaboration project called “Not Quite Terrestrial”, he has spent the past fifteen years working & developing various webcomics. His current series is called “Toshokan Anime Club”, which can be found at www.tanimeclub.com, is a comedy about a group of anime fans. J.M. Bond is currently polishing up his first children’s novel which may see the light of day eventually.