2015’s Panels

2015’s PANELS

All panels are kept at a PG13 rating for a better family environment. All panels require you to show your convention badge before entering.  Panels labeled with an “18+” are limited to badge holders that can present an eligible I.D. These are restricted panels for minors under 18 years of age.


“Acting 101” – Kairos Productions

Want to get into acting but don’t know the basics? Let Kairos Productions introduce you to some basic concepts that will help you to go from yourself into a whole different character and other basic acting techniques.


“Animal Crossing: New Leaf Addicts” – Maru-sha and Historian

Are you longing to relive the simple days of hitting your villagers with nets, catching bugs, and being in constant debt to a house building tanuki? Then get yourself in on the action! Be it bragging about your perfect collection of items or telling horror stories of losing your favorite villager, come see what you’ve been missing out on in Animal Crossing: New Leaf! Where being the only human to step off a train apparently qualifies you to be mayor! Awesome in-game items will be given.


“Are You Ready for E3 2015?” – Allison Clark

Are you ready for E3 2015 description: E3 is coming in a few days! Do you have any predictions? Will Sony, Nintendo, or Microsoft win? Come join me to discuss the greatness that is E3! There will also be explanation on what E3 is all about and why you should care about it!


“Attack on Sausomecon” – Eren, Mikasa, Armin with many others. (Savanna, Paige, Ciara, Nikki, Joey, Chloe, Cassie, and Kiera)

Attack on Sausomecon is a Q&A and, Truth or Dare panel with a surprise intro. Come ask some of your favorite characters questions and watch them together with other fun events.


“Attack on Titan” – Lauren Landa

Annie, are you OK,? Are you OK, Annie? Find out in this panel by Annie’s Voice Actress!


“Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra” – Garrett Boyle

These groundbreaking animated series will always live on in the hearts of their fans. Everything, from the lore to the comic books (and even the live-action film…) will be open for discussion! Come and tell everyone what Airbender and Korra have meant to you.


“Building a Better Body” – Duct Tape Transformers

The Duct Tape Transformers explains how to make a basic body suit using household items.


“Captives Premiere” – Kairos Productions

Captives tells the story about a group of people, some flawed and some hopeful, who find themselves the target of a serial killer who supposedly died 15 years ago. As this killers 20 year plan unfolds and the body count rises these people will find the only thing they can trust…is each other.


“Cards Against Humanity” – Samurai Dan

You’ve played CAH, right? Everyone has. You can admit it. Come play the game with Samurai Dan, his way, where the attendees are pitted against the guests, in a no-holds barred contest of wit and inappropriateness!


“CCP’s Ask Marvel Avengers and Enemies” – Chimerical Cosplay Productions

Chimerical Cosplay Productions brings together some of Marvel’s finest, to answer questions from fans and fellow heroes/villains alike. If they don’t try to destroy one another first.




“Cosplay Combat” – Scott Mcvay (aka Happy Sephy)

Naruto vs. Ichigo.  Sailor Moon vs. Ryuko Matoi.  Who would win?!?  Happy Sephy will roll some dice to see who is the better cosplayer.  A popular panel since 2007.


“Cosplay Purchasing 101” – Anthony Hayes

A good glimpse of the different online stores and their different attributes as far as: quality, pricing, and service. This panel will focus on the humorous aspects of cosplaying, as well as the serious aspects that involve fraud, costumes missing pieces, being the wrong color, horribly quality, and terrible service with the risks of online shopping.


“Coloring and Cartoons: A Kid’s Panel!” – Eleanor Fedynich

This is a family friendly panel directed for a younger audience to sit, color, and enjoy watching some popular cartoons of the internet. Simple drawing techniques will be demonstrated to teach kids the basics of art while having fun. Parents and all others interested are welcome to join in this morning panel.


“Convention Horror Stories” 16+ – Special guests

Not all conventions are created equal. Let our special guests enthrall you with some of the horrors they have endured from various conventions! Names and places might be changed in order to protect identities. NO recording devices are allowed in this panel!


“Dance Party” – DJ_315, DJ Soundwave, and Dark Icarus

Take it chill, or party hard with sweet electric vibes. The Dance Party is a late night musical marathon. Insomniac? Got extra energy? Shuffle and pump those kicks to your heart’s desire.


“Date Auction” – C.J. America Bergner

This is how it works, C.J. America Bergner will pick some audience members to be auctioned off for a date. The highest bidder will be given the opportunity to go on a date with the auctioned person. This is all voluntary and we do not provide the setting or food for a date. All proceeds raised will be used to help the convention.


“Dead or Alive! We are Fighters!” – Kyoko Noire hime-sama

Learn The Origin of the series, see how far it’s come, and see some of your favorites old and new. If new to or never heard of the series then come and check out what being a fighter is all about story and game play!


“Demotivate Me!” – Scott Mcvay (aka Happy Sephy)

Several years ago, the internet created a meme called the “Demotivational Poster.”  Soon after, Happy Sephy started collecting (and creating) some of those posters for presentation.  Come join him and see what he has this year!


“Down the Slippery Slope: An Introduction to Anime Figure Collecting” – Robert Schiele

Have you been eyeing some of those anime figurines in the dealer’s room? Are you interested in learning more about figure collecting and how to start or grow your own collection? This panel will discuss the basics of this growing hobby to help get you started, including a rundown of the different types of figures, some of the most popular brands, where to buy figures both online and in person, and, perhaps most importantly, why anyone would even want to spend money on these little chunks of plastic.


“Everquest, SOE and Me” – Eric Wile

My back story and background in the Gaming Industry.


“Evolution of Fighting Games” – KC SRK

Come learn how fighting games got their start from the earliest Atari titles, all the way up to the newest games such as Guilty Gear, Street Fighter, Tekken and Mortal Kombat! The panel will consist of in depth look into the origins of fighting games, as well as how they developed over time and grew into the massive success we see today! The panel is hosted by long time veterans, who will help newcomers and fellow veterans alike learn how the genre developed and how they can get started playing competitively!


“Fire Emblem: Awakening Fan Panel” – Suji Kayla Shiv

Who was your blue haired child? Come join us as we talk Fire Emblem characters, romances, children and strategy! Get tips, give tips, doesn’t matter- come join the fun!


“Fullmetal Alchemist Q&A Panel”

How has FMA influenced you/your career? What was your favorite part of the experience? Who? Is?  Ask questions to some of our favorite Fullmetal Alchemist voice actors!


“Game Design 101” – Eric Wile

Eric brings his knowledge and background of design and gives hands on workshop on how to design a game from scratch.


“Generationstuck” – Dayna Carter

Come to our homestuck Q+A where you can ask the cast in character questions and have a good time!


“Heroic Presents: Character Building Workshop” – Heroic Interactive Theatre

Join Heroic Interactive Theatre in the first steps of entering the LARP community. Here you will be able to create your own character, choose your abilities, and find out the basic rules of the game. Unleash your creativity and start an adventure all your own!


“Heroic Presents: Light Combat 101” – Heroic Interactive Theatre

Work through your training to become the greatest warrior of the land. Practice light combat with members of Heroic and learn from the masters on how to strike and take hits. You have the courage, now you need a sword.


“Heroic Presents: Wardrobe and LARP Accessories” – Heroic Interactive Theatre

Join Heroic Interactive Theater as we teach you the easy steps to suit up and become the hero (or villain) your were meant to be. Bring your character to life using tips and tricks to make a costume that helps you stand out of the crowd.


“Hetalia Panel” – Maddie Rafael

Hetalia Ask-A-Nation Panel. You can ask some of our beloved nation’s any questions that you’ve been dying to know!


“History of Sharp Shiny Pointy Things” – Samurai Dan and Jillian

Samurai battlefield weaponry is displayed, explained and demonstrated by Samurai Dan, an expert in 16th century Japanese combat. Lecture features stunning visual aids (blades from 1300-present) and a Q&A session for attendees.


“How 3D Art Influences Us” – John Mesplay

From the biggest blockbuster of the year to 3d printed works of art, learn how 3D has and continues to influence us!


“How to Break Into The Gaming Industry” – Eric Wile

With knowledge come jobs……….Learn some of the insiders tracks to breaking in.


“How to Draw Hentai” +18 –  Skye Sanderson and Erin Hrenchir

Oppai! Chinboko! Oshiri! Have you ever been curious about drawing your own sexy original content? In this panel we’ll cover basics on everything from yaoi to monster girls (and more!) bring sketchbooks, bring questions, and have fun!


“How to Make a B Movie” – Joe Grisaffi

Join Joe Grisaffi as he explains the formula for making a B Movie!


“Hyperdimension Neptunia Panelindust” – Kyoko

Ever wonder what parodies exist out there of other games, game companies, and consoles? Well HDN and Nep Nep has you covered! Come see why this is such a great game series; from it’s parody’s, to its story, to it’s fan service, to it’s cute and deadly characters and goddess’s, and take the chance to win a prize by competing as one of the 3 goddess’s in a trivia at the end (open to all!).


“I’m a Fighter! Dead or Alive!” – Mikoto and Zero

Attention all fighters! Let’s look into history of the games, all the characters, fighting styles and the future of the series,  and other titles! Welcome to DOA!


“Introduction to Legend of the Five Rings” – Devon Kennedy and James Cornforth

Learn about the clans, classes, and world that we will be playing in during the L5R LARP. Highly recommended for new players or veterans needing a refresher.


“Intro to BJD’s” – Alisha Wile

This panel will be all about ball jointed dolls! An introduction to them, along with care, maintenance, and where to buy them etc… Also a place which we can show off our BJD’s and hang with other collectors!


“Iron City” – Kairos Productions

The Sausomecon showing of “Iron City,” by Kairos Productions


“Japan-ardy” – Pros and Con Cosplay

So you can name every make and model of a Gundam just by looking at the thruster and can do every Sailor Scout pose on command. How well do you know the country that produced all of of this stuff? Come test your knowledge about Japan at Japanardy! The player with the most points wins a trophy and a prize.


“John Mesplay 3D and Q&A”

Join John Mesplay as he works on a 3D project and answer all of your 3D questions.

“Kaiju 101: From Anguirus to Zigra” – Ryan Clark

Explore the extensive history of the kaiju (monster) genre, from Godzilla to Gamera, Ultraman and more! Learn about the monsters and movies through discussion and original trailers and clips!


“Kahza Performance”

This Japanese rock band is about to rock your world! We bring you a different cultural experience with loud music and sick guitar.


“Kingdom Hearts: For the Love of Twilight” – Kaidyn Lopez and Mike Tinsley

Fan of the Kingdom? So are we! Come hear some interesting things about Kingdom Hearts from a couple of hardcore fans. Join in, too! But don’t sparkle.


“K-Pop and You!” – Suji Kayla Shiv

Heeeeeeeyyyyy sexy lady!! Come join us as we talk about some of your favorite singers and groups, the latest news and even play K-Pop Musical Chairs and Guess That Tune


“Lars the Emo Kid Premiere” – Joe Grisaffi

Come watch the Sausomecon Premiere of Lars the Emo Kid, Joe Grisaffi’s latest film!


“Leatherworking Informative Panel” – Alexander Hoggard and Jared McDonald

This panel will inform and introduce attendees of all spectrums of leatherworking for the creation of cosplay and LARP costuming, Accessories, and props. This includes the understanding of leather, what type of leather to buy for a project, the process of creating a piece and its intricacies, and also filling in the gap of information from the attendees through questions.




“Legends of the Five Rings LARP” – Devon Kennedy and James Cornforth

Come one, come all, to a night of tournaments and fun! Ever wanted to live the life of a samurai? Well, in the Legend of the Five Rings LARP, you can! Come play with us Saturday for a night of drama, action, and lots of roleplaying! *It is highly encouraged that new players attend the introductory panels Friday night before playing.


“Legends of the Five Rings: Larping 101” – Devon Kennedy and James Cornforth

Learn the basics of LARP and the different types in this quick introductory panel. Those new to LARPing who want to participate in the Legend of the Five Rings event are encouraged to attend.


“Meet and Greet” – Duct Tape Transformers
Your basic Q&A with the bad boys from Cybertron. “Ask and ye shall know.”


“Meet Lauren Landa” – Lauren Landa

Now is your chance to meet Lauren Landa and ask her questions.


“Men Eating Things Suggestively” +18 – Alexander Popp

Born of Ahn!Con fame, METS is a panel designed for lovers of Yaoi, scantily clad men, and sticky substances. Come out and watch our panelists eat a variety of suggestively shaped, flavored, and textured items for your pleasure. Just be sure to clean up after yourself when you’re done


“My Little Pony: Fandom is Magic” – Eleanor Fedynich

Hold your horses! Colorful cute technicolor ponies bring even the strangest crowds and fans that defy the norm. Come join a powerful discussion with other Bronies and fans of this magical phenomena.


“Naruto Panel” – ChaoticMomentsCosplay

Your favorite characters from the anime, Naruto Shippuden. Come ask questions, do truth or dare, or answer trivia.


“Nerds are Heroes Too!” – Aidan Bundy

Their faces are well known in the nerd culture for being super heroes. Rather they are wizards, superheroes, or elves. Join our discussion on how these actors are not only heroes on the big screen, but in the real world as well.


“No Means No: Self Defense for Anime Fans” – Samurai Dan and Jillian

NO means NO! Saying it is good. Enforcing it is better! Women (and men) have a right to their own personal space and safety, and when unpleasantness occurs it’s nice to be able to protect yourself. Come learn easy, simple but very effective techniques from Samurai Dan’s overenthusiastic partner Jillian that will make your con experiences safer and more enjoyable!


“Old School Final Fantasy Part 2” – Mike Tinsley

While nearly everyone has heard of Final Fantasy, many gamers have not played the original games in the Final Fantasy universes. Our goal is to inform those interested in the older games and perhaps influence you to play these gems. OSFF Part 2 focuses on Final Fantasy 4-6.


“One More Hour” – Eleanor Fedynich

Ball pit. It’s a ball pit. Have fun in the ball pit.


“Pokemon Event”

So you wanna be a master of Poke’mon? It is time to prove your worth! You will be provided with a starter poke’mon from any generation and then we set you out on your quest to earn badges and become Sausomecon’s Poke’mon champion! 3DS and game required. Rules in detail at the Pokemon Center.


“Poke’mon: The First Fan Panel” – Charles Thornton, Emily Campbell, Nicholas Kaighen, Jacob Bond, Byron Pockrandt, Jake Wolfe, David Carnegie

Calling all trainers! Prepare to go back to where it all started as you’ll experience Poke’mon in an all new way. Learn the do’s and don’ts of training with Prof. Oak. Explore the forest of Kanto with Todd Snap. And uncover the mystery of the rarest Poke’mon of them all. Using live performances, interactive games, and state of the art computer animation join us as we bring Poke’mon to life like never before!


“Power Rangers Bootleg Universe Showing”

Come watch this high quality controversial fan film done by Adi Shankar


“Q & A With Jim Butcher”

Ask Jim Butcher questions, he shall answer them.


“Q & A With Vic Mignogna”

Ask Vic Mignogna questions, he shall answer them.


“Retro Games” – Joe Grisaffi

Join Joe Grisaffi as he discusses some of the classic retro games and why they are so popular.


“Royal Court Etiquette: How to be Royal, by Princess Peach” – Peachy-Hime Cosplay

Ever wanted to learn the finesse of aristocracy and royal society? Well now you can! Princess Peach Toadstool herself will be instructing the commonwealth of Sausomecon on proper court etiquette and attire, as well as gestures and skills that can be put to use in everyday life! Active participants will be awarded with prizes, and everyone will gain valuable knowledge from a royal legend!


“You Ruined My Childhood ‘Rule 34’”- Mike Tinsley

Nothing is sacred from Rule 34. We’ll show you some childhood-destroying rule 34 content (or perhaps you may view it as enriching your childhood). One thing’s for certain, there will be laughs as well as awestruck moments. Requests are more than welcome.


“RWBY Fan Panel” – Kyoko Noire Hime-sama

RWBY the anime made by Rooster Teeth and The late Monty Oum. We will show clips from the anime, discuss our favorite moments, the different ships (fan pairings), talk about the characters, and show some AMV’s that greatly capture the anime and its best moments.


“Samurai Sword Class” – Samurai Dan and Jillian

Not a boffer class! Real samurai sword moves and concepts taught by Samurai Dan, a professional swordsman, to con-goers.


“Sega Ages” – Scott Mcvay  (aka Happy Sephy)

Ah SEGA.  One of the better video game companies ever!  But did you know of their beginnings with the military?  How about their many systems?  Or even their arcade games?  Join Happy Sephy as he relives the “glory days” of SEGA.


“Show Off Your Voice Acting!” – Alex and Barbara Youngblood

It’s time to show off your voice acting! Join Team Youngblood as we provide scripts with a variety of characters for everyone to read.


“So You Wanna Learn MMD?” – Maru-sha and Historian

So you’ve seen those videos on YouTube or Nico Nico Douga with those awesome Vocaloids or 3D anime characters doing dances or other wacky things. Now you want to make your own videos, right? …Yet you don’t know how! That’s where this panel comes in! Prepare for a crash-course in learning the basics of MMD. Learn how to not only get the MMD software, but where to find models to work with and motion data. Bring all your MMD questions and we will do our best to answer them!


“So you want to be a Ninja?” – Gel E Bean

Audience interactive interview and challenges.


“Story Time: A Magical Adventure” – Eleanor Fedynich

Eleanor returns for another sit down Story Time! Where she visually translates main summaries over different series and shows! Do you like wizards and magic? Halflings and dragons? This panel will knock you out of your socks with a great bedtime story, before you hit the hay.


“Swap Meet.” – Kyoko Noire Hime-sama

Was that grab bag disappointing? Are you regretting your purchase? Bought something that doesn’t fit? Thought you would like that manga or anime, but then you found out you didn’t? Don’t give up, try again at the swap meet! Trade with fellow con-goers, find some new collectibles and trade your old treasures to someone new.


“Tales of!” – Mikoto and Zero

It’s pancake time! Wanna talk about Tales of? Whether it is new or old games, favorite characters, or the excitement for the new Tales of Zestiria, come join us and be part of the discussion!


“Tatakae! Robot Panel Z” – Robert Schiele

When people think of anime, they think of giant robots. Aimed at newcomers and old hands alike, this panel will explore the history, influence, and hallmarks of this essential genre from the earliest super robot shows to the latest series out of Japan. Whether you can’t tell a Gundam from a Gunbuster or you could assemble a life-sized Voltron from memory, there’s something in this panel for you! PILDER… ON!


“The Current State of Gaming” – Eric Wile

How’s the Gaming Economy anyways?


“The Laws of Anime” +18 – Garrett Boyle

These groundbreaking animated series will always live on in the hearts of their fans. Everything, from the lore to the comic books (and even the live-action film…) will be open for discussion! Come and tell everyone what Airbender and Korra have meant to you.


“The Legend of Zelda History and Lore” – Garrett Boyle

It’s dangerous to go alone! Attend this panel! The Legend of Zelda is a game series that continues to stand the test of time. Whether you are new to the series or a longtime fan, this is the place to discover more about one of Nintendo’s greatest franchises. If you are still asking, “Who is this Zelda fellow, and why does he wear a funny green hat?” now is the time to learn all this and much more.


“The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time” – Nathan Schaber and Nathan Hinton

In this we will be showing the Any% Route for Ocarina of Time. Any% means to beat the game as fast as possible using glitches that are available. We will be explaining every glitch, how to do it, and why it happens. After going through the run and explaining how and why the glitches happen, we will be doing a Q&A anything about Ocarina of Time.



“Those WACKY Japanese Commercials” – Scott Mcvay  (aka Happy Sephy)

Advertising in Japan… Why is it so CRAZY?!?  Join Happy Sephy as he shows just some of the many unique commercials that have been aired on Japanese television.


“Tidbits from Tales” – Melissa Greg and Allison Crowther

Ever wondered where the names of the Tales Series come from? Or how the worlds and events link up to classical mythologies? Come see some of the fun little tidbits you may have missed when playing the games in the Tales Series.


“Transformers Fan Panel” – Sarah Mudry

You’ve got the touch, you’ve got the power to mingle and chat in a fun and friendly environment about everyone’s favorite giant transforming alien robots from the planet Cybertron. From toys, games, comics, to cartoons, movies, and so much more! Anything and everything Transformers is fair game, so come join the fun. ‘TIL ALL ARE ONE!


“Ultimate Geek Spelling Bee” – Gel E Bean

pretty much what it sounds like, a spelling bee with Geeky challenges


Voice Actors Q&A

Come Join some of our sausome special guest voice actors and actresses in one large panel! Ask questions, hear answers and have fun!


“Will You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse? – Anime Edition” – Gel E Bean

An audience interactive game show


“We Did NOT Play Test this Panel!” – Scott Mcvay (aka Happy Sephy)

Happy Sephy came up with a unique game show full of trivia and fun activities for all ages.  There’s just ONE problem…  He forgot to “Play Test” the game before submitting it for this convention.  This basically means that ANYTHING (and we do mean ANYTHING!) can happen!


“Women in Voice Acting” – Cynthia Cranz, Wendy Powell & Lauren Landa

A panel where the women of voice acting can discuss anything they wish.


“Yangire’s & Yandere’s the Psycho’s of Anime” +18 – Kyoko Noire Hime-sama and Rachelle Yuitza

Psychopath, Psychotic, Sociopath, Serial Killer, Yuno, Lucy, blood, excitement, torture, and fear can all be used to describe a Yandere and a Yangire. Do you have your favorite? come to our panel and be prepared to leave it knowing, you very well might have nightmares, only to realize the nightmare, is real. Come for The Fun and come for the terror, and come for some AMV’s, anime clips, acting bits, and much much more!


Robert Suske

Robert Suske

Robert Suske

Robert Suske has been going to anime conventions and cosplaying since 2007, he has built a reputation for himself through cosplay prop making and photography. He has made props from many shows like Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, Gurren Lagann and numerous games like Fallout New Vegas, Assassin Creed and Tails Of Synphonia Dawn Of The New World.

April Fools Discount is Legit!


We have a special announcement to make!

Due to the sausomeness of April 1st, we are giving a $5 discount for the first 5 people to order any badge type, excluding group rate pre-reg!

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Sausome News 3-18-16

Sausome News 3/18/2016
There is a lot of information here, so do check it all out!
I will be messaging the 5 winners of the 1k likes milestone! If they do not respond back within a reasonable amount of time, we will find a different random liker of our page to give it to.
Thank you all for liking our page and convention.
Special Guest announcements Wave 4
Straight Outta Comicon will be joining us this year! They could not make it last year due to some issues that arose but they are definitely going to be making it this year and there will be a Roasting of Mario for sure!
Team 151 will be premiering their improved Pokemon first generation panel! The theatrics, the sausome videos, this is one panel to be sure to check out!
We have one to two more potential guests to announce still, so do stay tuned for more information.
Our game room this year is being ran by DoDeca Gaming of DoDecacon!
I have extended the early bird pricing and lowered group rate pricing to $32 per person, though it still requires 6 or more people to register for group rates.
The website has been greatly revamped with information but it is not completely done yet. I will have it up to date with everything after returning back from Anime Boston.
Don’t forget to check out our table at Kawa Kon this weekend! I will be hosting 5 panels this weekend as well!
Some friends of ours are getting together to form a Supernatural Convention in Kansas City but they need your support! If you are interested in such an event, please go to http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/bring-a-supernatural-convention-to-kansas and sign the petition.

John Mesplay

John Mesplay

John Mesplay

John Mesplay is an Operation Iraqi and Operation Enduring Freedom veteran with a love for video games, art and movies. As a high school student he was introduced to the world of visual effects through movies like “Jurassic Park” and “Final Fantasy Spirits Within,” as well as games like “StarCraft” and “Legends of Zelda: Ocarina of Time”. After high school he joined the army as a Combat Engineer stationed in Iraq and Germany, where he served as part of a principle support detachment (VIP bodyguard), and a reconnaissance/demolition operations engineer. After leaving the Army he attended Pittsburg State University, where he studied commercial art and 3D art for video games/movies. He helped update the program with digital art media, and pushed for the art program to have an area for three-dimensional computer graphics, digital painting and digital sculpting. Graduating May 2012. Early 2014 helped with 3D modeling on the film Guardians of the Galaxy. He then went to work on TV shows such as Flash, Agents of Shield, Sleepy Hollow and more. He currently works for a small Indy gaming company in Dallas working on the TUG.

Jeremy Inman

Jeremy Inman

Jeremy Inman

Starting with the fan favorite Android 16 in Dragonball Z , Jeremy Inman has been voice acting since 2000. Since then he has gone on to voice many characters in numerous popular shows, including Taurus in Fairy Tail, Breda in Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, along with more recent additions such as Magellan in One Piece.

Along with Voice Acting Jeremy has worked as a ADR/Voice Director since 2004. His works as a Director include: Desert Punk, One Piece, Sengoku Basara, Terror in Resonance, Gangsta, The Heroic Legend of Arslan, and Heavy Object.

Animecons.com          Wikipedia

Rachael Messer

rachael messer

rachael messer

Rachael Messer is a professional and full time voice actress. She has voice acted in numerous animes, cartoons, video games, radio plays, and commercials. She has worked with FUNimation in animes.

She is currently the voice of Shiara in the new animated tv series “Prince Adventure” along with Christopher Sabat, Vic Mignogna, Chuck Huber, and Todd Haberkorn and many others.

She is in Heroes of Newerth, the Teacher in Yanadere Simulator, Wakfu Raiders, a Wii U game called Anima: Gates of Time, Astra in the Xbox game, and over 40 different other games. She also does film and is the leading female role in the new tv series “It’s Just Brunch” with South Parks’ Toby Morton and Peter Bedgood.

Official Website          Facebook          Twitter          Animecons.com

Mary the Impala

Mary the Impala

Mary the Impala

“No one gave two craps about her, but they should’ve. Because this 1967 Chevrolet Impala would turn out to be the most important car–no, the most important object in pretty much the whole universe.” – Chuck Shurley, Supernatural Season 5 Episode 22, “Swan Song”

The Winchesters’ iconic ride isn’t just well-equipped, or fast, or easy on the eyes. She’s all those things, to be sure, but for the vast majority of Sam and Dean’s lives, “Baby” has been their base of operations, a make-shift motel, and just home in general. She even saved the world once, just by existing.Mary the Impala is a completely show-accurate replica of Baby, down to the hidden weapons cache in the trunk, the army man stuffed in the ashtray, and Sam and Dean’s initials carved into the package tray. She calls Kansas home and lives between KC and Lawrence, where the Winchesters’ story began. Mary’s also had the honor of appearing in the Season 10 DVD documentary, “Fans,” released in 2015. You’ll find her close to the 5-minute mark, still sporting her original Nantucket Blue paint.

Guests at Sausomecon are invited to take as many pictures of and with Mary as they like. But for a small donation, they can pose with any of the props in Mary’s trunk, or even sit in the driver’s seat for a Dean’s-eye-view, and 70% of every cent donated will go directly to the fan’s choice of Mary’s supported charitable organizations. So while they’re having fun with a badass car, they’re also making a difference.

Mary is owned by Megan Woodard, a slightly obsessed Supernatural fangirl, and her very accommodating husband, Marcus.

Official Website          Facebook          Twitter          Tumblr


Greggo's Game Shows

Greggo’s Game Shows

Greggo has been producing game shows for anime conventions across North America since 1999! Known for his parodies of some of the more famous game shows in television history (including Match Game, Press Your Luck, Pyramid and The Price is Right), Greggo has also developed original shows and will always be focused on bringing entertaining and interactive fun wherever he goes!

Facebook          Animecons.com

Chii Sakurabi


Chii Sakurabi

Chii Sakurabi

Chii Sakurabi is J-POP singer and recording artist from Tokyo, Japan. Chii originally performed live throughout Tokyo, and in 2010 moved to the U.S. to expand her music internationally. In late 2011, Chii’s breakout first album Mirage was released. It featured a unique electropop style with fantasy themes, as well as a mixture of English and Japanese lyrics. In May 2014, Chii took a giant leap forward with her second album, Moon Princess, creating a distinct and dynamic sound with a story based on the Japanese fairytale character Princess Kaguya.
Chii has performed live at various anime and pop culture conventions in such countries as the United States, France, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand and Japan. Chii’s concerts are known for their high-energy and visual stories as well as Chii’s passsionate voice, kawaii dances, and lolita fashion!


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Kazha is a rock band formed by a singer/songwriter Kazuha Oda. Kazuha Oda has worked over 20 different records/projects from classic to heavy metal music in Japan. She has worked with wide variety of performers including Grammy winning pianist Bob James.

In September 2009, Kazha released their first EP “Breath Through Your Dreams” and toured Japan and Korea. After releasing their first album “Overture” in 2010, they shifted their base from Japan to U.S.A. in order to further their goal of sharing their music with people all over the world.
During their first North America Tour, they made stops in Washington, DC, California, Arizona, Texas, Florida, New York, Michigan, Illinois, Colorado and more. The band continues to tour around the world, including Europe, Mexico, as well as appearing at various festivals and conventions including Saboten Con, Sacanime, Nan Desu Kan, Ohayo Con, Phoenix Comicon and Colorado Dragon Boat Festival.

They released their 2nd album “Evolution,” and continue their musical adventure armed with their strong belief in their music and aspirations of achieving their goal. Their music combines the softness of a falling feather and the heaviness of a hurricane.

Kazha represents a new future of the world music: a fusion of cultures and musical view points that create their sound.

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Beard and Beans

Beard and Beans

Beard and Beans

The Troubadours of Trouble, Makers of Mischief, and Raconteurs of Raunchy, Beard and Bean are coming to Sausomecon to bring their own brand of mayhem and mirth to the audience. Geeky game shows, messy challenges, or perhaps a super-secret all adult after hours panel are all possibilities. Unless you’re talking to the people that hire them, they well be sure to tell you that there is no super-secret all adult after hours panel happening at all. and Beard and Bean agree with them 97.2%.




Samurai Dan and Jillian

Samurai Dan and Jillian

Samurai Dan and Jillian

The husband and wife team of Daniel and Jillian Coglan are full-time martial art instructors, specializing in 16th century Samurai Arts. When not teaching at their dojo, the Kojokan, they travel the United States performing and teaching the ancient ways of the most famous warriors in history.

With a combined 35 years of experience, their show is a unique blend of history, combative skill, and humor, designed to educate and entertain audiences both large and small.

Beyond their martial skills, the dynamic duo collaborated to write, direct, host, and star in a 12 episode TV series entitled, “The Way of The Samurai.”

Daniel is also an author, with several martial art articles published, and is currently working on his second full-length novel.

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Joe Grisaffi

Joe Grisaffi

Joe Grisaffi

Joe Grisaffi is an actor and award-winning director from Houston, Texas. The films he has directed include Laughing Boy, Dead of Knight, Conjoined, and Lars the Emo Kid. Films Joe has appeared in include Psychic Experiment, Jacob, Doll Factory, The Haunted Trailer and the upcoming films In a Madman’s World and Gem of the Rainforest. Joe spent some time at ADV Films where he directed the English dub of Cyberteam in Akihabara and voiced roles in the animes Tears for Tiara, Megazone 23 Part II, Saiyuki and others. Joe is an avid video game collector whose collection consists of home consoles dating back to the 1970s as well as many classic upright arcade games and pinball machines. Visit Joe’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/joegrisaffi



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Duct Tape Transformers

Duct Tape Transformers

Duct Tape Transformers

Since losing their beloved 80’s show to the new models, the original Transformers have worked to integrate themselves into modern society, and have found a new hobby…Partying. Now, they have no desire to return to the screen. Their desire is to spend their existence making the lifeforms of this planet happy and make sure they have fun!




Lisle Wilkerson

Lisle Wilkerson

Lisle Wilkerson

Lisle grew up in Tokyo, Japan and moved to the US in 2008. She speaks fluent Japanese, and has been hosting radio/tv shows in Japanese/English ever since she was 19 yrs old.
LIsle is best known as the powerhouse behind such kick-ass female video game as Nina Williams, Christie Monteiro and Zafina from the Tekken franchise, Sarah Bryant from Virtua Fighter, quite a few characters from Shenmue II, many of the female voices in CRAZY TAXI 1 & 2, and Christ Monteiro in last year’s “Streetfighter vs. Tekken” game.

Lisle was also in the 2003 Academy Award winning Sofia Coppola film “Lost in Translation”, and played a principal role in the 2006 award winning indie film “Kamataki”.

She is currently based in Los Angeles, and works as a freelance voice over actress, as well as being a local correspondent for the Academy Awards, Emmys, Golden Globes and Grammys for Japan.
She also hosts a weekly entertainment tv show on NTV BS in Japan, and also hosts a weekly radio segment on INTER-FM.
And she also works as an interpreter, sometimes doing interpreting for anime con guests as well.

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Matt Greenfield

Matt Greenfield

Matt Greenfield

With over 1500 films and TV episodes to his credit, Matt Greenfield has been writing, directing and producing both animated and live-action programming (plus the occasional comic book) since the dawn of time.  His work has been distributed internationally by–among others–ADV Films, Anime Network, FUNimation, Happy Carrot, Madman Entertainment, Maiden Japan, Media Blasters, Sentai Filmworks, Section 23, SoftCel Pictures, Switchblade Pictures and Syren.  Born in California, he escaped at an early age and spent his formative years wandering the country, absorbing cartoons, science fiction novels and horror movies like a sponge–knowledge he now squeezes out with a modified colander in order to make a living.

Married to the lovely and vivacious Tiffany Grant (who proofed this bio), a VERY brief list of career highlights includes NEON GENESIS EVANGELION, BATTLE ANGEL, GAMERA: GUARDIAN OF THE UNIVERSE, the Godzilla classic DESTROY ALL MONSTERS and hundreds of other anime hits like BUBBLEGUM CRISIS: TOKYO 2040, EXCEL SAGA, GANTZ, GODANNAR, GOLDEN BOY, GUNSMITH CATS, MACROSS, NADESICO, NOIR, SPRIGGAN, PRINCESS NINE, TEARS TO TIARA and RAHXEPHON.
And that’s not counting managing distribution of such mega-titles as Gene Roddenberry’s ANDROMEDA & EARTH FINAL CONFLICT, BEASTMASTER, MEGAMAN, MUTANT X, REBOOT, ROBOTECH, SHADOW RAIDERS/WAR PLANETS, SAILOR MOON, SONIC THE HEDGEHOG, STREET FIGHTER 2 (UK) and… we’re running out of space, so here are some of his most recent projects: INFINITE STRATOS 2 and BIG BAD MAMA-SAN.  Plus, his company, Kraken Releasing, released three classic GODZILLA movies!

Contrary to rumor, his favorite hobbies are NOT eating babies or torturing voice actors (although the latter does make his top ten).

Tiffany Grant

Tiffany Grant

Tiffany Grant

Tiffany Grant is excited to attend SausomeCon!  Best known as Asuka in NEON GENESIS EVANGELION, Tiffanywas the first anime voice actor hired in Texas [Feb. 1994].

She’s voiced characters in 1600+ TV episodes, OVAs & movies including AZUMANGA DAIOH (Kaorin), CHRONO CRUSADE (Satella), BLUE SEED (Kome), GOLDEN BOY (Madame President), FMP? FUMOFFU (Bonta-kun), GODANNAR (Shizuru), FULL METAL ALCHEMIST (Marta), MABURAHO (Kuriko), ONE PIECE (Nojiko), THE WALLFLOWER (Auntie), TEARS TO TIARA (Morgan) and TSUBASA RESERVOIR CHRONICLES (Ashura).  Video game credits: UNLIMITED SAGA, DEUS EX II: INVISIBLE WAR.  Recent projects include EVANGELION 3.33, INFINITE STRATOS 2 and Toonami’s AKAME GA KILL.

Ms. Grant has adapted English dubbing scripts for TV series such as HELLO KITTY’S ANIMATION THEATER, MABURAHO, AH! MY GODDESS 2, THE WALLFLOWER, INFINITE STRATOS, TEARS TO TIARA and Toonami’s PARASYTE-THE-MAXIM, as well as scripts for several subtitled projects including MIYUKI CHAN IN WONDERLAND and the live-action TOKYO – THE LAST MEGALOPOLIS.

Additionally, Tiffany contributed to the albums “Voices for Peace” and “Voices for Tolerance”www.voicesfor.org.  Profits benefit charities like Doctors Without Borders.  CDs and downloads:www.cdbaby.com & iTunes.

Non-anime work includes ARLINGTON ROAD (w/Jeff Bridges) and indie films LAUGHING BOY, DEAD OF KNIGHT & LARS THE EMO KID.  Tiffany has years of experience in theatre and commercials and an incurable Hello Kitty addiction!  For more, visit TiffanyGrant.net