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General Programming


3D Modeling for beginners – Kaighen

Are you interested in the world of CGI but don’t know where to begin? Then come in and see a live demonstration of creating, characters, props, and vehicles. This is an interactive learning experience so feel free to bring all your questions to get started on your own 3D art.


3D Sculpting Pokemon – Kaighen

Are you curious about 3D sculpting characters like Lucasfilm or Pixar? Or if you’d like to learn for yourself of how to sculpt but don’t know where to start. Then stop by this course will demonstrate the basics of how the industry creates CGI characters. you can choose a pokemon and it will be recreated in a fully digital 3d environment.


3D Texturing Star Wars Vehicles – Kaighen

Have you ever wondered how they make CGI spaceships and creatures for movies? At this panel we will answer all your questions and demonstrate industry 3D painting techniques on any Star Wars vehicles you choose. We will be covering UVs and texturing, using the programs Substance Painter and Photoshop. Feel free to come in and ask any questions.


A Live Roasting by Wendy’s – Amal Shoubaki

Wendy has got some beef, so let’s eat! Con attendees will have the gracious opportunity to be voluntarily roasted by the lovely & smug Wendy. The selected volunteers will be asked to give a short bio about themselves or who they are cosplaying, so everyone has some background knowledge about their character. Be warned of possible harsh language & innuendos. All roastings come from a warm place of love because the beef Wendy serves is always fresh, never frozen.


A Sausomecon Dating Game! (18+)

Come and join us for Sausomecon’s first ever game-show style dating game! Make new friends, score a date, or possibly even find the partner of your dreams!


Abnormally Unsound & Bloodthirsty (18+) – Ruby Snow

Fan of the strange and unusual? Wish to hear of some anime or videogames you may be unaware of that are not your typical happy adventure? Want to see some really dark and violent action? Come see all that we have to offer! From unusual personality’s, to the occult, to the most despairing and bloody story’s. We also have a steam game giveaway!

Content from previous years has been updated to keep up excitement and surprises!


American Made Anime – Boone Jordan

Come one, come all! Come hear about the future off the anime world. American made anime is about the idea that anime should become an American institution and industry. American Made Anime is about the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in the anime world.


Angelic*Angels – Angelic*Angels

Meet the newest Love Live idol cosplay/performance group from the Midwest, Angelic*Angels! Come meet all the members, ask questions, and play games before their Saturday performance.


Animal Crossing Fan Panel: All Mayors and Villagers Welcome! – Rachel Morris and Chance Porter

Whether you love the old school games, or the most recent additions to this beloved series, this panel is for you, discuss your favorite villagers, items, and learn some tips and tricks to creating your dream town!


Anime Rant – Bryce, Mary, Lucas, Lu

Love anime? Duh! But does certain anime get under your skin? Inuyasha too dragged out? Bleach too much filler? Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure dialogue making you cringe? Let’s talk about it.


Anime Scene It – Stephy of Ylisse

Can you name a show from a distorted anime logo? Do you know your anime openings backwards and forwards? Are ready for anime trivia from all across the spectrum? Test your skills, and make sure you’ve Scene It!


Ask-A-Nation – Madeleine Rafael

Ask your favourite countries those questions that have been buzzing in your mind for years!


Chotto Matte…Don’t Tell Me! – An Le

Test your OP/ED anime music knowledge! Participants listen to 10 second clips of OP/ED songs and guess what anime it’s from. Come cheer on a friend! Win some prizes sponsored by Papercute!


Cosplay Combat – Happy Sephy and Friends

It’s time to answer a certain question. Which cosplayer is luckier in controlled combat? Join Happy Sephy and his friends as we roll some dice to determine the answer. Fun for all, and you might win a prize as well.


Disney Bash (Music Edition) – Ramen_Cosplay

Be… Our… Guest! Be our guest! Put your knowledge to the test!

Come and play a variety of games designed for Disney devotees that test your knowledge of Disney soundtracks! Join Ramen_Cosplay and see How Far You’ll Go!


Dust to Dust: RWBY Abridged Panel – Dust to Dust Productions

Find out what it takes to make an abridged series and join the voices of Yang and Roman for a sneak peak into our RWBY Abridged!


Explaining that Anime Thing – Stephy of Ylisse  

Are you confused by the whole “anime thing”? Find yourself with questions you aren’t sure how to even ask? Only seen a show or two, and wanting to see what else is out there? If you answered yes to any of the questions this is the panel for you. This beginners guide to everything anime will help you navigate through these wacky Japanese cartoons.


Gravity Falls – Lovin The Falls Cosplay Group

Do you have a question you always wanted to ask your favorite Gravity Falls characters? Now you can! Join us as we discuss the mysteries of Gravity Falls, play games, and win prizes!


Halloween’s Come Early! – Ruby Snow

Many holidays get a lot of attention, but no holiday speaks to a person’s inner fandom like Halloween does! Come and take part in the discussions about halloween portrayed in anime and video games. See some choice videos and clips. Talk about some great halloween ideas for cosplays. And tell us some of your favorite haunted house experiences! Don’t worry, there are no trick’s at this panel, only treats!


How Strong Is Your Bond? – Brock Hard and Kay Kay Cosplay

Is your bond as strong as Naruto and Sasuke OR Kirito and Asuna? Grab your friend and put your skills to the test. We will have six pairs of contestants volunteer to answer questions about their partner. The goal is to guess what your partner would answer. Pairs will earn points for each correct response, with the highest scoring couple winning a prize. Let’s hope you’ve bonded more than Saitama and Genos!

How to Train Your Dragon Maid – Melanie Celeste

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a maid for someone as wonderful as Miss Kobayashi? Find out how in this Q&A Panel


Improv 101 – ToxynneFlute

So you want to be an (voice) actor? Then you will need to know improv. Toxynneflute has been doing improv semi-professionally for seven years and may or may not be qualified to teach improv. We will play some basic games and learn how improv will enhance your cosplay experience.


Intro to Theater – ToxynneFlute

If you have been to “How to Get Into Voice Acting” type panel run by a guest you most likely heard that you need to get into theater. But how would you do that? This panel is led by a semi-professional theater nerd talking about how you can get involved with a theater near you.


Jiraiya’s Bad Fanfiction Panel (18+) – Happy Sephy

He’s been known for writing bad fanfiction, but he also READS it too. Join Jiraiya (played by Happy Sephy) and friends as they present some of the worst anime-based fanfiction that has ever been written.


Joking Hazard… The Game Panel (18+) – Happy Sephy / EBA Comedy

Do you like “Cyanide and Happiness?” Do you like card games for adults? Then come join Happy Sephy AKA Shaken from EBA Comedy for a fun time making up VERY WRONG comics with this new card game.


KPop Random Play Dance~ – Jewelry Aphayarath and Emma Fotovich

Random Play Dance is a very popular game with the Kpop world~ If you were here last you, you know how much fun we all had! So if you love Kpop or love to dance! Then come on in~ Doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of the older generation of kpop or newer generation. There will be a range of music in here. c:

Not only that, the panel will be recorded and be uploaded to


Mad Hatter’s Educational Tea Time – Suji

We’re all a little mad here! Come and join Mad Hatter and the cast of Alice in Wonderland for a wonderful and educational tea party! There will be tea, treats and games so come and join in on the madness!

*Tickets are $5 a head and will be available at Registration while they last!


Pokemon: After Hours (18+) – Stephy of Ylisse

Pokemon is a beloved franchise for children, it’s been around for 21 years. And it has continued to mature along with its audience. This panel focuses on some of the darker aspects of the series as whole.


Premiere Digital Comic Episode 0 (18+) – Mary, Lucas, Bryce, Lu

Over 10 years of writing a story with art and voicing put together, come be the first to watch an original new tale with drama action and complex characters.

(Eternal Etreeal) Destiny VS Universe


Rican Rice: Let’s Play Crash Bandicoot – Rican Rice

Rican Rice is a gaming channel on YouTube that does classic Let’s Plays. From horror to rage games, Rican Rice plays them all. So come and join your Main Grain at the panel and remember to live your life one grain at a time.


RWBY After Dark (18+) – Legendary Rose Cosplay, Bad Ash Cosplay, Average Asian Cosplay and Claxeius Cosplay AKA: ARQW

The white fang was stolen the filter and it’s time to talk about RWBY uncensored. That’s right you can talk about all the deaths, Grim attacks and romance you want with no filter and no judgment here. Your host will included Adam, Ice Queen I mean Weiss, Ruby and Qrow. We probably shouldn’t have put these guys all in the same room but we did, just for you! Find out what happens, ask them questions and hear the newest news about season 5 here for one hour only!


RWBY Hunters and Huntresses Unite! – Ruby Snow

We will have many discussions! From our favorite characters, to favorite moments and memories, to new and past seasons, to whatever it is we feel like should be, and needs to be said and discussed! We will show a very small amount of AMV’s, as well as a drawing for a RWBY Poster at the end of the Panel!


Welcome to the Fairy Tail Guild! – Legendary Rose Cosplay, Claxeius Cosplay, Average Asian Cosplay, and Bad Ash Cosplay. AKA: Team ARQW

In a world known as Remnant, huntsmen and huntresses fight the creatures known as Grimm to create peace and prosperity. They hardly get a break, as things keep getting worse.  Now is your chance to meet some of the huntsmen and huntresses of Remnant, including members of team RWBY and STRQ as they take a break from saving the world. Come join us and remember some of the best moments of RWBY seasons 1-4. Get the inside scoop on the latest RWBY news, character information and more! But beware, the White Fang may crash the party, so get here while you can.


Slumber Party with the Scouts – Jaeger Bombastic Cosplay

Wanna know how Armin screams like an eagle? How does Levi keep so clean? How does Eren really feel about being a Titan? Are Erwin’s eyebrows hiding all the secrets? These all can be answered in no time! Ask the scouts anything! Truth or dare, the dating game, and more!


So You Want to go to Asia? – ToxynneFlute

Have you dreamed of going to Nippon (Japan) or Zhonggua (China)? Then this panel is for you! Learn tips from someone who has traveled there in the past year. Topics include what to bring, where to go, and useful words/phrases.


Swap Meet! – Vincent Cona, Sara Strobbe, Brianna Harbison

Come get rid of a series, a figure, or whatever you want, and get something sweet in return! At the swap meet, you can cast off your unwanted baubles onto strangers and acquire their unwanted baubles! Continue the cycle and try out your best salesperson voice!


Teaching Kpop~ – Prismatic

If you love kpop and would like to learn some of the most popular dances, come to our panel. We are Prismatic, a dance group here in both Kansas and Missouri! We will teach you the steps and we will also record it for our YouTube Channel!


The 6th Generation Of Console Gaming – Ruby Snow

From The Games, To The consoles themselves, the focus is discussions and some old clips of the good, the bad, and the weirdly Ugly. The 6th Console Generation consisted of, The Sega Dreamcast, Playstation 2, Xbox, and Nintendo Gamecube. So come and share your experiences and memories of one of the best gaming generations, and maybe just learn about some games you want to go try from it!


The Hanafuda Panel – Stephy of Ylisse

Learn about the game that saved the world in Summer Wars, confused many players in Yakuza 3, and gave Nintendo it’s start in 1889. These flower tiles are as fun as they are colorful


The WACKY Japanese Commercial Panel – Happy Sephy

Commercial advertising is one of the most effective ways to show off things to sell. And NO ONE does it better (AND WEIRDER) than the Japanese. Come join Happy Sephy as he presents some of the more unique commercials


These Aren’t Rice Balls, They’re Donuts – Sara Strobbe, Stephanie Crawford

Get your finger guns, and trap cards ready, as we look at the history of the one and only 4Kids Entertainment. They’ve forever left their mark on the anime industry. Get ready for the Good, the Bad, and the Edited for TV.


Those Romantic Comedies – Ruby Snow

Do you like to laugh at the quirky things you see in anime? Do you like to see a comedic anime with a love love interest? Maybe you’re new to anime and like Comedy and Romance but don’t know where to begin? I’ll show you some, clips, trailers, and AMV’s to help your knowledge grow! Got some opinions of your own? We’ll take time to discuss some of your favorite and recommended anime as well!


Training in Gen VII Like a Pro – Kassi Cade

Do you want to be the very best like no one ever was? Then come on over to learn how to train your Pokemon to top tier fighters. Hosted by Battle Legend Blue.


Visual Arts Key – Stephy of Ylisse

You’ve heard of Angel Beats!, Clannad, and Charlotte, come learn more about the video game company behind the shows.


Vocaloids and YOU! – Scott S, Danielle R, Jason H, Amanda B

In this panel, we will discover vocaloids in many ways. The different forms of vocaloid, UTAU, and others! We will watch a few music videos and show a few different forms of vocaloid. If you like the vocaloids. This is the panel for you!


Week(end)ly Idol! – Aiden

Are you a Kpop fan? Ever wanted to join in along with other people on those silly antics your favorite idols do? Or do you just simply want an interactive panel, as opposed to those awkward, boring lecture panels? Well, look no further! Come and play (or watch, if you prefer) various games for the chance to win prizes!


Welcome to the Fairy Tail Guild! – Fairy Tail Guild

Just another Fairy Tail Q&A!…Or not? Zeref takes over!? Will the Fairy Tail wizards ever get their powers back? Will they defeat Zeref? WHAT IS GOING ON!? Come join us and find out!

Welcome to the Host Club! – Meme Squad Cosplay

Join the Ouran Host Club as we answer your wildest questions, and maybe even complete some of your very own dares! Anything for our princesses. Pick your favorite host-type and spend an hour with us. We hope to see you there!





Our 2017 Panel Applications are now live!

Perform, inform or share! Panels allow every day people, special guests and performers to share whatever it is they have to share. They range from anime, comics, cultural topics, gaming, crafting and WAY more! This creative medium allows for speakers to get their ideas into the air, discuss, interact and learn.

“I believe so much in the power of performance I don’t want to convince people. I want them to experience it and come away convinced on their own.” – Marina Abramovic

If you would like to submit a panel for Sausomecon 2017, please follow the directions in the Google Docs Application Link Here!

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Let’s work to make this the best year yet!


Eleanor Fedynich
Sausomecon 2017 Programming Director