Con Rules

Disclaimer – Sausomecon retains the rights to take away your badge without refund for violating any rules, for disruptive behavior, law violations, indecent exposure, any situation where you put another individuals life or property in danger.

Basic Rules:

Sausomecon Rules as of July 24th, 2018

1 Be Respectful To Others –

  1. A) Harassment – Harassment of anyone, while on premises, off premises, or online is to not be tolerated. If harassment is spotted, please contact a Sausomecon staffer immediately.

Harassment includes things such as but not limited to:

Discriminative talks, deliberate intimidation, doxing, incitement, unwanted attention, photographing without consent (Cosplay Does Not Mean Consent) and stalking.

1.B) Do not distribute or show sexually mature content to individuals under the age of 18.

1.C) Obey the legal City and state laws. This does include online.

1.D) Being angered, annoyed, upset, or under the influence does not make you exempt from following Rule 1, while at convention or not.

1.E) Toxicity will not be allowed, as being toxic directly means you are not respecting others.

Depending on the actions done, Sausomecon retains the rights to decide if an action has constituted as a violation of our Be Respectful To Others rule.

  1. Ask to take a photo before taking one.
  2. Remember to follow the 6,2,1 rule: Minimum of 6 hours of sleep per night (or day), 2 meals, 1 shower.
  3. No live metal or weapons of any kind as a prop. If it looks too realistic you are putting yourself in a bad situation. Example – Metal skate blades, tasers, metal swords, hammering nails, anything with a sharp tip that can pierce or damage people or the surrounding area.
  4. All gun props must have an orange tip and follow city and state laws.
  5. Follow the KCI Expo Center policy.
  6. No elevator games in the convention hotel.
  7. Cosplays must be kept under PG13 rating and must adhere to all State of Missouri and Kansas City laws. Swimsuits are allowed. Legal requirement for legal latex is allowed.
  8. Cosplays are to not have any semblance to derogatory or offensive symbols, features or likeness of a real life race that might be seen as offensive; ie changing of one’s skin tone to a non fantasy color or facial features.
  9. All weapon props must be inspected at Weapon’s Check and will be zipped or string will be attached to prove it has been checked.
  10. Be considerate of people who may not be attending the convention and respectful to building staff, attendees, and non-attendees alike.
  11. All individuals under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times while at Sausomecon. We are not liable for missing children.
  12. All individuals under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian after 11pm in concordance with local Kansas City Summer Curfew laws. More info can be found Here.
  13. Sausomecon is not liable for lost or stolen items. If you find a lost item, please notify a safety crew member or take the item to the Con Ops room at the front of the Convention Center.
  14. Do not run inside the convention center.
  15. If you damage something, you are responsible for it. Please notify a safety crew member or Con Ops with any information of something being damaged.
  16. If you have any safety concerns or issues prior to or at Sausomecon, please contact to discuss your concerns or issues with us.
  17. HAVE FUN!


Breaking of these rules can result in a warning, an expulsion of the convention without refund, potential banning from the convention and social media areas of the convention.


If you feel you have been unjustly expelled from the convention or banned, whether at location or at social medias, you can contact sausomecon at and explain your situation. Multiple directors will review your situation.