Sausomecon 2017 Live Updates Page!!!!!!

If you were part of the cosplay contest and are still missing your flash drive, please come to con ops ASAP or contact us as




Rob Vash Lewis Will be hosting “16+ Anime Rage by Vash” to replace the Anime Rant panel in Salon B at 12am (midnight) tonight.


Limenitis’s panel has been rescheduled to the Pershing room, next to the Truman room in the hotel.


It starts at 9pm and will end whenever she wants to.


10:30pm in Game Room Tekken 7 tournament!

Sign ups are free!

Smash Tournament on Sunday 1pm!

All tournaments have prizes!



VIP’s, please come to CON OPS, which is next to Registration, around 11:45am for information in regards to your Special Guest VIP lunch and to pick up your shirt if you have not done so already.

Check here for news, schedule updates and any new information that occurs throughout the weekend!


Direct Link To 2017 Sausomecon Schedule – CLICK HERE!!!



Pokemon Journey Official rules:
All Trainers must have their own 3DS and copy of Pokemon Sun and Moon to Participate. (Bringing your own charger can’t hurt.)
No Legendaries are allowed
All trainers are allowed six Pokemon, however they must not exceed the level cap for that day.
You are allowed to use pokemon out of boxes, but they must not exceed the given level cap.
You may try as much as you may like, however you must get back in line within in the allotted time.
All Teams are allowed to use Pokemon held items.
No hacked Pokemon

The level caps are as follows
Day 1: Level 15
Day 2: Level 25
Day 3: Level 36
All bosses are capped as well.
Please refer to the schedule for times!
Scavenger Hunt Mini Game Rules!
A Photo from a phone or camera is considered a Catch!
Rank high enough in points from your catches to win prizes!

Please try to keep photos family friendly and organized
(It may be difficult to shuffle through ALL of your con photos to try count up enough points.
If this is the case you will be kindly asked to go to the back of the line during counting for that day until your photos are organized)

Only one prize per Trainer.
(Once you turn your list sheet that day for counting and accept your prize, you will not get it back for continuation on point gathering.)

Screenshots from Pokemon Go are allowed and encouraged

Only 1 picture can count for one point level at a time
(Example, If you capture a picture of a Pikachu Pokemon Card, that will earn you 5 points only. It DOES NOT count for both the Pokemon Card catch (1 pts) AND the Pikachu catch (5 pts)

Like items in one picture will count for more points!
(Example: A Pokemon Go Screenshot with 3 Pikachu in it will count for 3 points for the one photo catch!)