Sausomecon 2020 Cancelled

Updates 4-18-2020

All refunds have been sent. If you purchased a badge, expect your refund to appear within the next two weeks.

Artists and Vendors – If you were pre-approved, when we start back up you will be carried over in our next pre-approval process, unless something forces us to reconsider your approval.

Sausome News 4-12-2020

It is with heavy heart but steady resolve that we have decided to officially cancel Sausomecon for the 2020 season.

Until this pandemic is under control we are not willing risk the health of our staff, our vendors, or our guests by planning on any event.

We are unwilling to become a center of outbreak and stand in solidarity with our fellow Cons, Con creators, and Con goers in working to ensure our collective safety by encouraging everyone to stay home until a vaccine or tested cure is present.


To be clear – this is not the end of Sausomecon. We are working through this pandemic, preparing for when we can come back full blast.

Since we are a smaller event, we will have an easier time getting things back into motion once the world starts to return to normalcy since our event currently requires less space, providing us more potential date options.

That being said, we will, as usual, refrane from accepting any potential dates that are close to the usual dates that many of our other local KC area anime and comic book events use.


If the opportunity presents itself that Covid-19 is curable or becomes preventable via a vaccine quicker than health professionals predict, we will look into hosting mini events.


Happy Easter/Passover to those who celebrate – Please, continue being safe, stay home, and let’s get through this!

With love from all of us at Sausomecon.