Sausomecon 2020 Dates and Updates

Update 1-10-2020

Major updates to the website.
Artist Application Form linked on Artist/Vendors tab.

Sausome News October 4th, 2019

We are working on redesigning the website, getting registration up, etc… but there is some sausome information below, such as our dates and guest list!

Sausomecon 2020 dates are May 29-31st!

Here are our scheduled guest list to date (we will be announcing them again individually too):

Daman Mills

Marissa Lenti

Amber Lee Connors

Barry Yandell

Jim Foronda

Brad Jackson



And more to be announced!

The theme for next year is “Back From Space”, since we are back after a year off AND many of our special guests voice characters from shows that are space related (Borderlands, Dragon Ball series, etc…)

I look forward to making future announcements soon!