Touko Mana – Cosplayer & Photographer

Cosplayer, photographer, model, video game addict.

If you cosplay in Kansas City, you’ve more than likely seen Touko somewhere. She’s been cosplaying since 2008, starting her journey at Naka-Kon at 16 years old as Namine from Kingdom Hearts II. This was back in the days of no major wig websites, making things out of cardboard or the curtains you stole from your grandmother. She’s been cosplaying ever since. Her strength is wigs, craft-foam armor, and sometimes she can sew something cool.

She’s best known for her Camilla (Fire Emblem Fates) and Lusamine (Pokemon Sun/Moon) cosplays, but she adores cosplaying as guys and gals alike. Her personal favorite cosplay of hers is Yuya Sakaki from Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V. Who doesn’t love a cute tomato boy? Her two latest successes are Ann Takamaki (where her friends think she looks like Ann brought to life) and Monika (where, honestly, she just acts too well as Monika).

In 2014, she finally decided to offer her services as a cosplay photographer known as T.S.I.M. Photography, co-owned with her husband. This typically leads to bad decisions, such as cosplaying in heels on a major photoshoot day, leading to weak and numb ankles. But that never stops her, she still does what she loves at all costs.

In March of this year, she got married to her husband, who she met at Naka-Kon in 2011, where Sausomecon’s own Mike Tinsley was the officiate.

Come visit her table this year and buy some prints, get some sick selfies, and chat! See you soon loves and stay sweet!


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