Touko Mana – Cosplayer & Photographer

Touko Mana is a cosplayer by day and a photographer…at the exact same time. At cons, you can normally find Touko taking other cosplayer’s photos while wearing cosplays of her own. She never lets high heels or armor get in the way of getting the perfect shot.

Touko has been cosplaying since 2008 here in Kansas City and started crafting cosplays on her own in 2011. Her expertise in cosplay includes penny-pinching, craft-foam accessories and armor, and on the occassion, she makes some really strange wigs.

On the photography side of things, Touko has been a cosplay photographer officially since 2014. She’s the owner and head photographer of T.S.I.M. Photography with her fiance being her photography assistant and partner. Since 2014, she’s been doing photoshoots for cosplayers at cons she attends and for cosplayers who live in the area and are wanting to do a shoot outside of conventions. Everyone wonders where she goes come nighttime at conventions, and normally, she’s just wanting to go to the hotel room and edit the shots she took that day. She’s also looking to purchase her official business license this year.

Outside of her main two loves of cosplay and photography, she is also a model for Career Images Model and Talent Agency Inc. and modeled in the Kansas City Urban Fashion Fest back in August 2016. In her down time, she really enjoys video games of all genres, drawing, spending way too much time on social media, and drowning herself in Mexican food. If her fiance can pull her away from Final Fantasy XIV, she will occasionally watch some anime. But, y’know, video games. And food.


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